Heritage Walk
í Reykjavík Islandia

We offer the walking tour service in the historic center of the city of Reykjavík. Connecting us with those stories that give life to one of the most interesting societies to know.

The origin of everything

We have been living in this country for a few years, and we have not been able to ignore the charm of its stories, the wonders of its landscapes and the poignantness of how this community has grown in adversity. What motivated us to carry out this project, is to be able to transmit what to those who come to visit this wonderful country, and wish within their itinerary to be able to learn more about its history through a walk in its historic center.

Nura Gabriela Sarmiento, is the one who has created this tour based on her professional preparation with her Bachelor’s degrees in Tourism and Culture and her Master’s degree in Heritage Studies. The link with this country goes back more than two decades ago, and it is his wish that we all get to know more about this magical land where fire and ice amalgamate in their perfect expression.


We will take a trip through the history of Iceland

We will take a trip through the history of Iceland contemplating its built urban elements. Which show how their community has been developing, their history and what we can see of them today.

It will be a couple of hours that we will share the notion of a community that is interesting to meet!

Who do we reach?

Anyone who wants to hear about the history and culture of Iceland.

We want to be able to reach everyone who comes to visit these lands, and that within their itinerary they have plans to have a couple of hours to contemplate, as a retroactive vision, those built elements that show the historical processes of one of the cities northernmost in the world.

We also want to reach out to immigrants who are beginning their residency process in Iceland, as it may happen that some of them, due to their particular situation, have not been able to learn more about the character of the host country. So it would be of great value to be able to share with them also everything that they will begin to encounter on a daily basis. This experience could serve as the first steps in the exercise of reflecting ourselves in this social mirror that summons us all.

This Walking Tour service will initially be delivered in English and Spanish.



The tour itinerary is designed for a group walk and families. 


Old town 2h


Specialized guide in Spanish


Headphones to follow the explanations of the guide comfortably


They must be dressed according to the climatic conditions. It is the duty of tourists to be able to check the weather forecasts, especially in winter, due to the low temperatures.



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